Your bike on wheels

Ride with Redcoach

Riding a bike is a passion shared by many of our passengers, but biking to your destination is not always an option, at least not a cozy one.

At RedCoach, we provide you with the opportunity of traveling with ultimate comfort while still enjoying your hobby at the end of the journey. We allow our passengers to travel with their folding bikes stored in the baggage compartment. To be permitted onboard, bikes must be kept inside a bag just like we do with other sport’s equipment like skis or surfboards to avoid damage them or other luggage while travelling on the road.

RedCoach will not be liable for damages occurred along the trip. In addition, the owner of the bike or other equipment been transported will be responsible for the damages caused by it to the luggage and belongings of other passengers.

Why travel with RedCoach?
Luxury travel at affordable prices


Unlike traditional motor coaches, we offer you extra legroom and the ability to recline up to 140 degrees. We also have 3 types of buses, first class with 27 seats, business class with 38 seats and Premium economy with 56 seats.


You can connect to our free Wi-Fi on any of your electronic devices. You can also watch movies or work while charging your device on our plugs right next to your seat.


On RedCoach, your safety is our priority. That’s why we hire only the most qualified drivers and monitor every mile of your ride through an 8-camera feed and a top-of-the-line GPS tracking.


We only stop at Texas and Florida’s most popular destinations; making less stops gets you to your final destination just as fast as if you were driving. However, since you are not the one at the wheel, you are able to catch up on work (or naps) on your way to your destination.