Here you will find some frequently asked questions that may answer your doubts.


How can I purchase a ticket?

Tickets can be purchased online, over the phone and now via SMS and chat too! You can pay them with debit or credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple pay; can also apply vouchers on your purchase and cash to the driver at the stop if availability.

Can I transfer the ticket to another person?

No, tickets are non-transferable; however, you can cancel the ticket up to 3 hs before departing time, will receive a voucher and re-purchase with the new passenger´s information.

I did not use my ticket, can I cancel it or use it on another day?

No, changes and cancellations must be requested up to 3 hs before departing time, after that period ticket will be lost.

Will I get charged for changes or cancellations?

You can change your ticket online with no fees, only the price difference if there is one. If you change the ticket over the phone/SMS will have a $5 fee.

If you cancel the ticket, will receive a voucher for the value of the ticket; the fees are not included.


How can I apply discounts?

We offer basic discounts such as child, student, senior and veteran that can be selected before the schedules. Please select passenger type accordingly and will see the discount applied.

We also offer Special discounts, on some holidays for example and those must be entered under “Promotion Code” also before selecting schedules.

Can I apply a code after the purchase is complete?

No, discounts will not be applied after purchase and will not be reimbursed.


What is a voucher?

A voucher is a credit to use on a future trip on RedCoach. It is a 12 digit code similar to your ticket#.

How many types of voucher there are?

We have 3 types of voucher: Cancellation voucher, Compensation voucher and Loyalty voucher. If you cancel the ticket up to 3 hs before departing time will receive a Cancellation voucher; you may receive a Compensation voucher after a trip due to a situation and Loyalty vouchers are the accumulated points under the Loyalty program that are turned into vouchers.

Where can I see my vouchers?

All vouchers are sent via e.mail but can also be seen under my RedRider account.

How can I apply a voucher?

Vouchers must be applied at the end of the purchase process, before payment. All vouchers can be combined.

Extra Perk: if you don´t use the entire value of the code, will have its remaining for your next trip. Pay attention to its expiration date.


How can I track my bus?

You can track your bus by following this link https://www.redcoachusa.com/bus-tracker/ or by phone, option 1. You will also receive an e.mail and SMS with a link.

Where can I find my service code?

You will find your service code in your ticket.

Will RedCoach let me know if my bus is delayed?

Yes, any notifications will be sent via e-mail. Please make sure to check your spam as well.


How can I register?

Once you register under your RedRider Account you become a loyalty member. Click here to register: https://booking.redcoachusa.com/account/create

Which are the benefits of a RedRider?

The possibilities are endless…Earn 1 point for every $1 spent and receive a voucher to use on future trips. Once you register will become a RedRider and for every point you earn, will have the chance to have a better status and with that greater benefits! Check them here: https://www.redcoachusa.com/loyalty-program/

When will I receive vouchers?

Once you reach 100 points will receive a voucher; codes will appear in your account the 1st of each month and the minimum to get one is to have 100 points every month.

Can I purchase a ticket with my points?

No, tickets can be purchased with vouchers. Every 100 points will receive a voucher once a month and that voucher can be used to travel with us.

Can I combine my vouchers?

Yes! You can combine all our vouchers!


Can I travel with my child on my lap?

If the child is younger than 3 years old you don´t need to purchase a ticket and can travel on your lap. If you want the child to be seated, then must purchase a ticket and bring a car seat.

Can my child travel alone?

Only minors over 16 years old can travel alone; 15 years old and younger must travel with an adult.

Remember children between 3 and 12 years old can receive a 15% discount on their tickets and Students get a 10%. Check our discounts here.